Friday, January 5, 2007

Cool Jewelry

Sometimes you just need a little something special that is about you and not the typical. For me I like cool jewelry. I just found this one line called Miss Bibi that I really like. They/She makes really cool unusual jewelry with weapons and tools. Also I've always been a fan of BitterSweets and own there babyvamp necklace and ring which I love and get many inquiries about them.
See more below.Miss Bibi clockwise from top right: saw necklace, chandelier necklace, butcher knife necklace, magnify ring, candlestick broach, gun earring, butcher knife earrings, heel ring, and gun necklace (center).
BitterSweets clockwise from top right: Mano Cornuta cufflink, dagger earrings, baby vamp rings and necklace.

IMG/INFO: bittersweets, miss bibi

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