Friday, August 1, 2008

Dreaming in Cuban

Incredible, touching, heart wrenching. Please read.

This story is about 3 generations of the Del Pino family. The backdrop is in both Cuba and New York City during the Cuban Revolution and under the rule of Cuban dictator El Lider. It tells about each members' relationships with each other and the world. I love how the novel comes full circle in the 2nd half of the novel where you can't help but love each and every character as their own sides of the stories (story) unfold. It totally makes you love, hate and realize truths of your own family all at once. I heart this novel very, very much.

Here are a few of my favorite excerpts...

" It's funny how when the land is so flat, and the buildings so low, the sky seems to take over everything, announcing itself in a way you can't ignore. In New York, the sky gets too much competition."

"She blames the sun for this, for the false shadows it casts in her house, and she tightens the shutters against enemy rays."

and my favorite...

"The days rain tyranny. I survey my interior as a general does a map, dispassionately, calculating the odds."

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