Tuesday, March 17, 2009

(gasp) WHAT!!!!

Oh my fucking god this is incredible!!! I love this!!!! Damn I wish I thought of this first (not that I could do better, but it sounds so fun). AND they picked the perfect covers to do...wow.
Here's the summary of what is is from their site Redefinition Records:

Album Cover ReVISIONS is a spontaneous, ongoing digital art project originally conceived by acclaimed painter/illustrator/designer Joe Buck, along with Redefinition Records. Imagined as a way to pay tribute to, and expand upon a noteworthy theme or piece of art, the Album Cover ReVISION series allows the incredibly talented Buck to revise and present his vision of a particular album or single’s cover image as he sees fit.

Expanding further on the concept, from time to time, Joe Buck and DJ/producer/MC Damu The Fudgemunk will collaborate exclusively on special A/V editions of ReVISIONS. These special editions, available for free download, will feature a Joe Buck design alongside a related musical production by Washington DC native, Damu.

info via: okayplayer

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