Monday, June 30, 2008

Chinese is the New Black

On June 18th South Africa ruled that the Chinese in South Africa that were subjected to apartheid will now be considered black. Now contrary to popular belief this is kind of a good thing since they can "benefit" from the affirmative action policy given to people that were victims to apartheid.

Check out the rest of the story at the Wall Street Journal. And please read the comments to it at the bottom. Looks like some whites feel like they are getting discriminated, blacks are crackin' jokes and everyone is getting racially heated.

How does this make me feel as a Chinese American? Um, pretty good (but I must disclose that I don't know all the details, since there are always different sides to stories, especially affirmative action, and hidden truths). So from the surface it sounds good. I am also forever fascinated at how Chinese have pretty much settled everywhere in the world such as my favorite artist, Wifredo Lam, who's from Cuba.

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