Friday, June 20, 2008

Cover Art: The Truth Vol !!!

So here was the process for the Spank Pops mixtape called "The Truth Vol 3" Homegrown-ness to Freshness. Check it out below.

The inspiration. Halloween '05 Mad Scientist making a dash.

Set the scene.

Photo shoot in the backyard. We had to really use our imagination. It got kinda funny.
I was standing on a step stool on the lawn trying to get a right angle
and not fall into one of the pot holes in my lawn. haha.

Cutting out the winning photos from the background (of our house)

Some elements for some flavor.
Top 2 are chalk rendering for the board.
The bottom 2 are scans from a dictionary.
I used the type and style straight from the dictionary to keep it authentic.

All done!
Added a few elements from the 1st mixtape (grid lines / graph paper)
and from the 2nd mixtape the shading and diffusing.
Also dabbled a lil smoke and shadows to make it more cohesive.

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